custom made bag tags

what: custom made tags

why: every one has a bag. or two, or three. make it easy to identify which one is yours. perfect for diaper bags, school backpacks, music or sports duffels, luggage, laptop cases, or anything you want everyone to know is yours! these tags are made specifically to the color and theme of your choice as well as the name exactly as you want it spelled. just let me know what you would like yours to look like and we can create something one of a kind for you.

price: $3.00  CLEARANCE PRICE $1.50! {shipping .50}

{personalization ideas...princess, trains, airplane, sport, dance, disney, baby boy or baby girl, team colors, knitting, sewing, hiking, school motif, insert your idea here}

1 comment:

MotherMoses2004 said...

These are tooooooo cute! I may need some of these except that I have soooooooooo many bags! Probably mostly knitting bag, crochet bag, favorite book bag (or something like that), taking fun to work bag, oh, and I'll think of more!